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Howard Cooper

Howard Cooper CBE
Independent Chair
Liverpool Safeguarding Children Board LSCB

Hello and welcome to the Liverpool Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) website. We hope you will find it helpful.

Liverpool SCB and all its members believe that Families keep Children Safe but sometimes they need some help to do this from professionals. It is our role to ensure that when professionals work with Families to Safeguard Children the work is done to a high standard and we all work well together to give Children and their Families the best service possible.

I have over 40 years experience of working with children. I taught in secondary schools across Merseyside and served as a headteacher. A significant part of my career has been in leading educational improvement and wider children's services.  I was the founding Director of Children's Services in Wirral and led the authority to OFSTED judgements of Outstanding. I have chaired the Wirral Safeguarding  Children  Board, the Youth Justice Management Board, the Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board and currently hold the position of LSCB Chair for St. Helens in addition to that of Liverpool.

"There is nothing more important than keeping our children safe. I have been very impressed by the closeness of the relationships between professionals serving children in Liverpool and I am looking forward to making a contribution to this vital work."

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